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BHA Help Ladder Counseling & PsychoTherapy Services

Help For Every Stage Of Life and Workshops Too. Here are Some of The Ways Our Therapists Will Help You Find Calm:


When adults feel anxiety, it can really interrupt their life. Getting help is the best thing to do.

For Adults

Family and Couples

The family has always and still remains the cradle of all societies and we're here to help.

Family and Couples

Teens and Children

Anxious teens will not be able to enjoy life. Children can also be challenged with anxiety. Let's help you.

For Teens and Children


Anxiety in workplaces can run high. Wouldn't you rather speak to us.



We are the Help Ladder

Located here in Abuja, Nigeria. we are specialists in counselling and psychotherapy. We're here for you.

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The BHA Help Ladder Difference

We listen to Your Heart - no judgement. Helping you is what we live to do best.


We Are Licenced Experts

We are counselling and psycotherapy experts with specialized training to help you manage and go through situations with you.


We Provide A Safe Space

We provide a safe, supportive space to help you heal.


We Are Committed and Non -judgemental

We are highly committed to helping you and also absolutely non-judgemental.

Start Feeling Better With Our Help

You always have our ears and total attention.