About Us

Welcome to BHA Help Ladder

We are a licensed team of counsellors and psychotherapists providing a strictly confidential, safe and empathetic space to help you find meaning to life again.

We all have moments in life where situations can become overwhelming and we find ourselves asking questions like: “Why do I feel this way?”; “Must I carry on in this relationship/marriage?”; “Why have I lost interest in the things I once enjoyed?”; “Should I leave my job?”; “Why is my spouse/family behaving this way?”. If you are at this point, you may need to consider getting support from counselling/psychotherapy.

At BHA Help Ladder, we help both individuals and groups who have challenges surrounding addiction, anger management, trauma, sexual performance anxiety, family, marriage, relationships, bereavement, work place and school issues. We offer a supportive environment to explore the underlying causes of these challenges and collaboratively work with you to find solutions to address these issues and lead to a greater sense of fulfilment in life.

If you would like to know more about us or get support from us, please call or send us an email so we can work together in supporting you through your journey.